Cat Bro-Mance and the FurBuddy Pet Grooming Kit


FurBuddy Pet Grooming Kit

FurBuddy Pet Grooming Kit

Ease of Use


    Effective on Mats


      Effective on undercoat



        • Sturdy
        • Takes out mats easily
        • Grooms undercoat
        • Great for cats or dogs
        • Long or short fur


        Knock, Knock!
        (Who’s there?)
        (Juan who?)
        Juan day you’ll turn into a crazy cat lady!

        Now that you have hilarious knock-knock joke fodder for your little one- check this out! This is my cat Sebastian(black), and his old man roommate, Boris (tan).


        They have a lovely bro-mance going on, which is cute, but there is a problem. They won’t stop licking each other. It is really pretty ridiculous. The issue is Boris licks Sebastian in the wrong direction, which causes tons of mats. TONS. We’ve tried all sorts of brushes, oils and lotions but we often have to cut them out, leaving poor Sebastian with little bald spots. It just isn’t a good look for a pretty boy like him!

        Enter the FurBuddy Pet Grooming Kit. I wasn’t really completely convinced it would work, but anything is worth a try, right? Here’s what it comes with: an interchangeable handle, a regular two-sided bristle/pin brush, a metal “slicker” brush and a “deshedding rake”.


        In order to change them out you press the little yellow button on the handle, and pull the attachment off. It does take a little bit to yank it off, but that is good, they don’t fall off during harder brushing.

        The two-sided brush is great, it is your very typical pet brush. That is where the ordinary ends with this kit though. The “slicker” brush is amazing for small knots and pulling off the dead hair that hasn’t fully shed yet. Best part? You press the button on the back and it pushes the hair off the bristles to clean super easy (see my YouTube video link below)! No picking hair out of every little row!

        Now on to the amazing part. The “deshedding rake”. Where has this been all my life? On Amazon it is described as easily removing mats and knots without damaging the length of the fur. This is NO LIE! It seriously can pick and pull out mats so quickly and easily that my cat really couldn’t even care less! He looses some hair but nothing crazy- much much less than if we had to cut it out! I can’t even begin to believe how easily this thing rakes the mats out!

        This kit has a lifetime warranty too- so no worries if you wear it out! I can’t imagine it wearing out, it is pretty hardy! Here is an affiliate link so you can check it out for yourself:
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