Four Port USB Wall Charger- Every 2015 family needs this!

2015 means most families are full of technology. In our house we have many items needing USB chargers including phones, tablets, backup batteries, and my kindle. Having chargers all over the house just isn’t convenient. The kids have to give up the tablet at night so I plug it in in my room to charge and eliminate temptation! I also […]

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It’s getting hot in here!

One thing I’ve learned by moving to South Carolina is that car sunshades are no longer an option! Yikes our car gets hot- who let us buy a black van before moving here? I received the X – Shade Car Sunshade solar sun shield for review from the company just in time. The temps are well into the 80’s this […]

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Review of Chill Pal Sports Cooling Towel

I am a hot-natured person. Last summer we moved to SC and the heat just isn’t compatible with my body! Especially when my kids want to spend the day at the pool- I can’t sit in the sun all day so retreat under the pavilion after a bit but the heat…..oh the heat! The humidity! Ugh! I am always looking […]

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Amazon Reviewers Needed!

UberZon club is looking for new reviewers! They email you about deeply discounted products available (usually between $1-$5) to review on Amazon. Emails come several times a day as deals become available. Feel free to comment below with any questions! Referral link:

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Radha Beauty Coconut Oil and coupon code!


Coconut oil has become a way of life for us! We started out using it on our skin, then our hair, then started adding it to food. The thing I didn’t like was the thick consistency of the coconut oil for cooking- it took a while to melt and I wasn’t always pleased with the consistency and I had issues […]

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What does it mean when you see a review like mine?

I’ve noticed a few people comment on my reviews on Amazon lately.   The comments are things like “Scam!” “Paid Review!” “Buyer Beware!” “Fake Review!”.   I try not to take this personally, and respond offering to explain what it means when they see promotional items with reviews. Here’s a little info on how it all works- PLEASE feel free […]

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