Crafty Croc Chalk Marker Review


Crafty Croc Chalk Markers

Crafty Croc Chalk Markers

Bright Colors


    Streak Free


      Long Lasting


        Easy to start



          • Colors pop
          • Colors match lids
          • Two tip options
          • Streak Free
          • Easy to use


          • Takes a while to prime


          So fun!

          I have a love for all things chalky! One issues is that many chalk items are dull in color. These liquid chalk markers are super vibrant! It makes projects easy and they pop! I was offered a discount on these items in exchange for an honest review, I can do honest! These markers make it easy too, I have so much to say but will keep it brief!

          I use Crafty Croc chalkboard labels on so.many.things. My latest project was my linen closet, I bought cheap shoebox sized containers and organized all my first aid, medication, hair products, and more. These chalk markers made it so easy to label that I can even tell my kids to grab the box with the red writing to get the bandaids and they won’t grab the pink or orange. The colors are very distinct and match the lids!

          The one thing with these markers is you have to prime them really well, sometimes it can take a bit to get the liquid flowing, but once it does you will see it was worth the time! I also really appreciated that the markers came with replacement tips! Some colors get used alot and I could see the tips wearing down!