Four Port USB Wall Charger- Every 2015 family needs this!

Four Port USB Charger

Four Port USB Charger





      Ease of Use



        • Use with many different items
        • Inexpensive
        • Convenient
        • Space Saver


        2015 means most families are full of technology. In our house we have many items needing USB chargers including phones, tablets, backup batteries, and my kindle. Having chargers all over the house just isn’t convenient. The kids have to give up the tablet at night so I plug it in in my room to charge and eliminate temptation! I also have to plug in my phone each night, and sometimes my kindle. That is three plugs. Since I like to have them on my nightstand I also need to plug in my lamp and alarm clock, not to mention occasionally my diffuser! It adds up!

        This four port USB wall charger sold by LizTek is pretty great. It uses “SmartLiz Technology” which they note “detects your device to deliver its fastest possible charge speed. Up to 2.4 amps for Super Charger ports”. Pretty cool huh? I do note that everything charges nice and quickly and doesn’t have a fake charge (ever see that? It LOOKS charged but 10 minutes later it is dead. No bueno!)

        Plus it is easy to use- plug in your cords and go!

        I was honestly surprised at the cost too, only about $15! So worth the convenience! I could easily see this on a kitchen counter or desk area too to charge all the electronics.

        Here’s an affiliate link if you’d like to check one out yourself! Think Father’s Day gift!
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