It’s getting hot in here!

It’s getting hot in here!


Heat Reduction


    Storage size


      Ease of use



        • Easy to use
        • Easy to store
        • Small storage size
        • Heat reduction


        • Learning curve to store

        One thing I’ve learned by moving to South Carolina is that car sunshades are no longer an option! Yikes our car gets hot- who let us buy a black van before moving here?
        I received the X – Shade Car Sunshade solar sun shield for review from the company just in time. The temps are well into the 80’s this week and the car is not garaged. Whew.

        First off, I was shocked at how small the package was! It comes in a storage bag about the size of a paper plate! It fits in our door pockets and even our glove compartment. When you open it up and twist just a bit it pops right open. It did take some practice to fold it back up though- the first time we had to do it outside the car but now we have it down pat and can easily get it back into the storage bag.


        We definitely noticed a difference in the temperatures in the car after using it. The heat is no longer stifling, you can breathe when you get in the car until you get the windows open or air on, vs. HAVING to have the doors open until you get airflow going. Big difference!

        You really need one of these for each car!

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