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Radha Beauty Coconut Oil

Radha Beauty Coconut Oil





      Ease of use



        • Odorless
        • Colorless
        • Consistency


        Coconut oil has become a way of life for us! We started out using it on our skin, then our hair, then started adding it to food. The thing I didn’t like was the thick consistency of the coconut oil for cooking- it took a while to melt and I wasn’t always pleased with the consistency and I had issues getting the smell past my picky daughter.

        9a57fa173642a7a4bb067413b90eeb423dcbade0I was introduced to Radha Beauty’s Coconut oil via a promotion and was offered a discount in exchange for an honest review, of course, all opinions are my own! This seemed to be an answer to our food issues!

        I received the coconut oil and decided to try it first while sauteing some vegetables. I noticed there is no odor. It was so easy to just pour a little bit in the pan, no worries about it melting and even made figuring out the right amount easier!

        The next day I added a bit to a spray bottle with water and shook it up really well. I used it as detangler for my girls! I do have to shake it up well most mornings, but no big deal! Better than using those chemical laden detanglers! I also added a bit of lavender essential oil and rubbed it on my daughter’s feet once night when she was struggling to relax. She loved the feel and since she hates the smell of coconut this was a very effective way to use essential oils and coconut oil on a picky kid!

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