Review of Bacchus Break 12oz Silicone Wine Glasses

Bacchus Silicone Wine Glasses

Bacchus Silicone Wine Glasses

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        As a society we complain A LOT about a lack of honesty in advertising. Well, I found a great product which is completely honest! Here’s the back of the box (warning- adult language):

        Soooo what is this product? 71vgHAk6adL._SL1500_

        Silicone Wine Glasses! Seriously!

        These wine glasses are amazing. First off- they aren’t just for wine, they are for any cold or room temp drink! You can toss them in your tote bag for a day at the beach, concert at the green, bunco at a friend’s house or whatever your day may bring you! Stick them in your car so you always have glasses on the go when you spontaneously decide to grab a bottle of wine and vent with your bestie!

        Whatever your drinking habits are, you NEED these! They won’t break or tear, they can be squished at the bottom of your purse or tote bag, or in your glove compartment or whatever! They are the best gift too, because really, not enough people have these and they come in a pack of two so even if they have a set, they need more!

        Solo cups be gone- that is so 90’s, today we need these! I even spoke to the seller and they are super friendly and got right back to me! We had a nice little chat about how much I love the wording on the box. It is like a breath of fresh air with all the crazy advertising schemes out there right now. Let’s support honesty and personality!

        I was offered these items for free in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own. But seriously. Get these- I LOVE THEM (and have to hide them from everyone trying to steal them from me!) Affiliate Link is here for your shopping pleasure!

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