RubyRoo Silicone Teething Necklace Review- Sensory Parents check this out!

RubyRoo Silicone Teething Necklace

RubyRoo Silicone Teething Necklace

Kid Safe




      Meets Needs



        • Stylish Style
        • Stylish Colors
        • Kid Friendly
        • Knotted Cord
        • Safe Materials


        I have twin 6 year old girls, both with sensory issues, one diagnosed, one assumed. The second has taken to chewing everything- clothing, fingers, hair, toys, you name it. Which results in lots of holes, cuts, and yuck! About two years ago a friend gave us a teething necklace for the girls and they use it fairly regularly. They like that it isn’t something that really sets them apart at school, yet feeds their need to chew in an appropriate and safe way.

        My youngest twin has become very fashion conscious as of late. She wants to wear jewelry that is “cool” but she will chew on metal necklaces and charms, which is dangerous! I was offered this necklace at a discount in exchange for an honest review and felt we could give a different perspective here so I jumped at the opportunity!


        I let her pick out the color (I was shocked she didn’t go for pink, but chose the fresh mint green!). It is such a pretty color- perfect for spring and summer and it matches almost all her clothes. She loves that it looks like the chunky necklaces her adult relatives wear too! She’s been wearing it for about a week now, she will actually go find it and put it on when she feels the need to chew- which is saving me a ton of money for not having to replace clothing with holes in it!

        I like that the necklace is knotted between the beads for safety. It also means that if she does eventually chew through the cord, which she hasn’t tried yet but kids are kids, all the beads won’t be lost and I can easily re-string it! She especially likes the large beads, they seem to be a great fit!

        Wonderful product, sensory moms need to get this!!

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