Sharp Salute Goggles Review

Sharp Salute Goggles

Sharp Salute Goggles

Stay put


    Easy to use




        Clear, no fog


          No leaks



            • Stays put
            • SO Comfortable
            • Stays clear
            • No Fogging
            • No Leaking


            • Price (worth it though!)

            Things have been quiet this past week- we got struck down with the sickies! I am back now though!

            Today I started swimming laps- slowly but surely getting this old body moving again. I used some goggles I got to review and can’t say enough about them! So comfortable, they stayed in place without ever needing to adjust them and never leaked. They didn’t fog even once. When I was taking a break I put them up on top of my head and they even stayed put there, never once slipping even a tiny bit!


            I wear glasses to see anything- very nearsighted. Put it this way- if my glasses fall off my nightstand I need help finding them. I know my fellow myopics can relate! So essentially I swim blind; however, I was shocked at how much I could see with these goggles on! The anti-glare coating and lack of fog, etc. I could even make out leaves on the bottom of the pool (only 5 feet but still!) They tout the goggles to be High Definition, I guess that has something to do with it- whatever it is, it works and this girl is happy!

            The other thing I really like about them is the “side windows” (technical term). There are lenses off to the side so you don’t have that horse blinder effect while wearing them- you can easily see people on either side of you without having to turn your head.

            They come in a great locking case and with nose and ear plugs. I don’t use nose or ear plugs so will pass those on to my kids- but these goggles are Mama’s! Hands off! I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. My opinions are my own and were not swayed in any way.

            I have the black, which is pretty basic, but hey, you can’t go wrong with black and these things make you look like you know what your doing in the pool! Here’s my affiliate link for some easy peasy shopping:

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