SunLabz rechargeable batteries- size D

SunLabz Rechargeable Batteries- D

SunLabz Rechargeable Batteries- D



    Ease of use


      Retains Charge



        • Go Green!
        • Save Money
        • Retains Charge
        • Easy to use


        • Upfront cost

        We are slowly switching over to strictly rechargeable batteries for several reasons. Reason one? KIDS! TOYS! Nuff said! Secondly, these days everything needs batteries! In the room I am sitting in currently there are four remote controls alone! That is a lot of batteries. So, in an effort to be more green and save money we are switching to rechargeable. A while back I received a battery charging unit from SunLabz that is simply amazing. I can charge 16 AA and AAA batteries at once and it is all digital. LOVE!


        So I decided, why stop at AA and AAA? Another battery that burns my britches when I have to buy them are D batteries. They are SO expensive! Let’s face it, if you go cheap, they die quickly. It is what it is. So I was offered some D batteries by SunLabz to review in exchange for an honest opinion. Done and Done! Here we go- first I had to buy a D charger (oops! needed that first!) got it and plugged in the batteries. I checked back a few hours later and they were fully charged. Popped the batteries into a boom box (do they still call them that, or am I aging myself?) and it powered right up! I had a great afternoon of cleaning rocking out to some 90’s summer beats without a power failure. I can’t tell you how long the batteries lasted because every time I turn on the stereo it kicks right on- a week later. The good news is that I can recharge them anytime so it doesn’t even matter if they die!

        If you haven’t begun your change over to rechargeable yet, maybe now is the time- while you are thinking of it!! Below is my affiliate link to the batteries I am writing about!

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