Sharp Salute Goggles Review

Things have been quiet this past week- we got struck down with the sickies! I am back now though! Today I started swimming laps- slowly but surely getting this old body moving again. I used some goggles I got to review and can’t say enough about them! So comfortable, they stayed in place without ever needing to adjust them and […]

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Review of Chill Pal Sports Cooling Towel

I am a hot-natured person. Last summer we moved to SC and the heat just isn’t compatible with my body! Especially when my kids want to spend the day at the pool- I can’t sit in the sun all day so retreat under the pavilion after a bit but the heat…..oh the heat! The humidity! Ugh! I am always looking […]

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Review of Bacchus Break 12oz Silicone Wine Glasses

As a society we complain A LOT about a lack of honesty in advertising. Well, I found a great product which is completely honest! Here’s the back of the box (warning- adult language): Soooo what is this product? Silicone Wine Glasses! Seriously! These wine glasses are amazing. First off- they aren’t just for wine, they are for any cold or […]

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SunLabz rechargeable batteries- size D

We are slowly switching over to strictly rechargeable batteries for several reasons. Reason one? KIDS! TOYS! Nuff said! Secondly, these days everything needs batteries! In the room I am sitting in currently there are four remote controls alone! That is a lot of batteries. So, in an effort to be more green and save money we are switching to rechargeable. […]

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Lego Disney Princess Ariel’s Magical Kiss set review

We all know Lego sets are great, and we love the new sets that are geared toward the more “glittery” kids in our lives!  My daughter received this set for Christmas, she had just turned 6 a few weeks prior and had minimal experience with Legos, other than her own creations with my old bricks.   Ariel is a long […]

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Coconut Oil Coupon for Blog Fans!


Check this out!!! Radha Beauty has given me the following coupon code to share with my fans! You get this 16oz bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil (liquid) for just $5! Regular price is $13.89. Shipping fees apply, but if you have Prime, shipping is free! One thing you must do- when you review it, remember to disclose you got this […]

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